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The world’s largest lyrics catalog – 7M song lyrics in 80 languages. 
A global community of music lovers across the world.
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Integration made easy

Musixmatch delivers lyrics in real-time via API, data feeds and custom implementations. Experience deep data via our API Playground and SDKs for iOS, Android and Web.

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Advanced lyrics solutions for your business

Go beyond the lyrics

Musixmatch’s Artificial Intelligence platform and customized Natural Language Process reveal the structure and meaning of lyrics.

All the licensing you need to go global

Musixmatch is the largest provider with sync and translations display rights. Thanks to our deals, we’re able to deliver the most comprehensive lyrics catalog in the industry.

Royalties administration made simple

Musixmatch’s royalties administration platform is the most effective and efficient way to track, report and pay royalties to Publishers. Constantly updated and easy to use.


How we ensure quality at scale

Worldwide community and coverage

A worldwide community of music fans use Musixmatch apps every day, playing millions of songs and making sure lyrics are available and correct, providing synchronizations and translations to experience the best out of their favorite music.

Studio content editors as proofreaders

Musixmatch created an international team of content managers working with professional tools, proofreading the top songs worldwide and adding new releases based on clients’ requests

Multi-level platform to ensure quality at scale

Machine algorithms make sure our quality standards are met from our growing catalog.
A staff of Musixmatch content editors check all our top songs daily to make sure they’re perfect

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