Cookie Policy

Cookies and Web advertisement

Musixmatch uses cookies and other technologies (such as web beacons and advertising identifiers) in order to differentiate you from other users and keep developing our Services.

By way of example, we use those technologies to allow you to easily access our services and enhance them. We use cookies and advertising identifiers also to collect information on your interests and provide targeted advertising communications.

We want you to be thoroughly informed on how we use such technologies. Therefore, in this section we explain how they work and what your options are regarding their use.

What are cookies, advertising identifiers and web beacons?

A cookie is a small amount of data transferred from our server and stored on your device when you surf the internet and use online websites and services. Their use allows Websites to operate or operate more efficiently, as well as provides information that facilitate the personalization of services and advertisements.

Advertising identifiers are similar to cookies and can be found in many mobile devices and tablets (such as the IDFTA (“Identifiers for Advertisers”), Apple iOS devices and the “Google Advertising ID” on Android devices). Similarly to what happens for cookies, advertising identifiers are used to enhance the relevance of online advertising.

Web beacons are code fragments that enable a website to transfer or collect data through the request of a graphic image and are often used in association with cookies.

Why does Musixmatch use cookies and advertising identifiers?

Essential cookies: these cookies are critical for our website and the supply of online services. For example, we and our service Suppliers can use these cookies to confirm our members’ identity when they use our websites and our apps so as to be able to supply our services to them. Moreover, cookies help us implement our Conditions of use, prevent frauds and ensure our service’s safety.

Functionality and performance cookies: these cookies are not essential, but they help us personalize and enhance your surfing experience on Musixmatch. For example, they allow us to memorize your choices and therefore save you from having to provide again information you have already provided to us (for example during the registration phase). We use cookies also to collect data (for example statistics on contents’ visualizations, accesses through banners and other information) on the use made by the users of the services supplied by Musixmatch so that we can enhance them. Disabling these cookies can partially affect our services’ functioning.

Cookies and advertising identifiers: these cookies and advertising identifiers use data about your use of our website and other websites or apps, as well as your reaction to advertisings or emails, in order to send you advertising communications that are of most interest to you. Such kind of advertising is called “interest-based advertising”.

Web beacons: we could use them for purposes similar to those relating to cookies, for example to personalize and enhance the use of our service, enhance the website’s performance, measure visitor traffic and the actions carried out on our website. Due to the fact that web beacons often work together with cookies, disabling cookies is likely to affect the correct functioning of web beacons associated with the disabled cookies.

Many of the advertising cookies and web beacons associated with our service belong to our service Suppliers and are called “third-party cookies”.

On some occasions we could collaborate with third parties to provide services on our website. Third-party advertisers and other organizations can use their own cookies to collect data on their activities on our website and/or on advertisements that have been clicked on. Such data can be used by them to publish advertisements they deem to be of most interest to you based on the contents you viewed.

Third-party advertisers can use those data also to measure their advertisements’ effectiveness.

Third-party cookies fall within the direct and exclusive responsibility of the relevant manager and are divided into the following macro-categories:

  • Analitycs, that is cookies used to collect and analize statistic data on accesses and visits to the website;
  • Widgets, that is all those graphic elements aimed at facilitating the user’s interaction with the program. By way of example, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus cookies are widgets
  • Advertising, that is cookies used for advertising purposes within a website;
  • Web beacons as described above.

Choice and management of cookies

For more information on the cookies set up on our website and other online monitoring systems (including data collection from third parties in relation with your online activities and through third-party websites or online services for the purposes of interest-based advertising) and to exercise your rights in relation thereto, please refer to each partner opt-out page as listed below:

Moreover, most browsers offer the chance to manage cookies in order to abide by the users’ preferences.
Hereinbelow you may find the web pages where you can examine in depth this matter in relation to the most common browsers:

In order to disable third-party cookies, you can also visit or Your Online Choices at

If you do not wish to receive interest-based advertising linked to an advertising identifier on a mobile device or tablet, we invite you to set up the relevant setting on your device (usually it is included among the “privacy” or “advertising” settings on your device). You will keep seeing advertisements on your device. However, they will not be personalized based on your interests.

To disable the use of the mobile device ID for targeted advertisement, you can also visit the website