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Lyrics Display

Drive engagement and traffic with lyrics.
Musixmatch is the best solution to display lyrics for any song to a worldwide audience.

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Synchronized Lyrics

Engage users with perfectly-synced lyrics, line by line or word by word.

Deliver new experiences on sing-along or contextual display to enrich the music experience.

Empowering Amazon Music

Translated Lyrics

Lyrics translations break down language barriers and add meaning to music.

Combining time synchronization with lyrics translations Musixmatch is able to offer the ultimate experience for multi-lingual listeners.


On the Musixmatch apps, our community tags the energy of the songs they listen to, and how they make them feel.

Our AI analyzes this information and identifies what’s the mood for any track.

Artificial Intelligence

Musixmatch’s Natural Language Processing reveals the structure and meaning of lyrics by offering powerful machine learning models.

The platform allows a much deeper understanding of both the music and the users that enjoy it, creating opportunities for partners to tailor their offerings to better suit the market.

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All the licensing you need to go global

Musixmatch is the largest provider with sync and translations display rights.
Thanks to our deals we’re able to deliver the most comprehensive lyrics catalog in the industry

Royalties administration made simple

Administer all publishing rights including reporting and payments with Musixmatch’s royalties administration platform.

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