Guide to Podcast Transcriptions


Podcast transcriptions

Podcasts are a treasure trove of interesting conversations, interviews, discussions and ideas. Unfortunately discovering what is being said is locked within an audio player. By transcribing podcasts into text you unlock the potential of being able to search, find and discover its contents.

Top 5 best practices

  • Combine AI with humans to reach the highest quality transcription conversion.

  • Offer great UI so users don't land on a wall of text and leave.

  • Speaker identification to make clear who is saying what.

  • Enable transcriptions by picking a service that transcribes a podcast into text.

  • Share fragments of your podcasts on social media.

Next to the value for humans, search engines can connect what was said in podcasts with search queries, allowing you to grow your podcast audience

There are several services that offer these features together with podcast transcriptions.

Transcription languages supported


What is a Podcast Transcription Service?

We offer the highest quality podcast transcription service (speech-to-text) available in the market enhanced with several features to help you grow your audience.

Service features

  • Automated transcriptions by state-of-art AI supported by human curation

  • Boost SEO embed your podcast transcript into your website

  • Grow audience fans can easily share quotes on social media

We've built a complete publishing platform featuring thousands of transcribed podcast episodes from around the world. Get featured among them by claiming your podcast.


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