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Audio discovery made new, by Musixmatch.

Podcast discovery

We are transcribing every podcast and rank them based on their relevant topics, so that you can find and listen to the content you love like never before.

Enjoy podcasts with synced transcripts

A new and enriched way of listening to podcasts: see who’s talking and follow real time transcripts available in many languages.

Search for topics and jump right to the content that matters

Search for people, places, organizations, events... and jump right into the relevant part where they are discussed. All transcribed content is analyzed and ranked by topics so that you can find what really matters.

Stay up to date with what's trending

Listen to your customized playlists, updated daily based on what's trending in your area.

Share what you love on social media

Transcriptions can be shared as beautiful audiograms.

Your new audio discovery is available today

Musixmatch Podcasts is available on your web browser today, and it will be coming soon on the Musixmatch apps.
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Are you a Podcaster?

We transcribe every podcast available and rank them on their subject matter, so that you can find and listen to the content you love easily'
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<embed> your podcast transcript into your website

Take your podcast transcript and post it on your own website directly.

More data
more chances to be found

Transcriptions and topics: everything is important when search engines will look into your content.

Make your content accessible to SEO to connect with a new audience.

Today your content is invisible to search engines. Transcriptions and metadata will let Google index your episodes and be reached by more people.
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Let's make it human

AI transcriptions are good. Human curated transcriptions are great.
We are looking for people who can help us make podcasts’ content truly accessible.
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