Life at Musixmatch
Our manifesto
Work it harder
Talents strive to make products and processes more efficient and powerful to last throughout time. Our work is focused on developing products for tomorrow: more durable.
Make it
We constantly work to improve and expand our products to make them the most useful and purposeful to our creators, artists, community, going beyond languages and boundaries.
Do it
We like being pioneers. Our entrepreneurial mindset pushes us to (re)think product experiences and design smarter solutions to fit evolving needs more efficiently.
Makes us
We work to create value that generates a positive impact. Stronger products built to serve our needs make us more powerful.
Our culture


We strive for an environment where employee satisfaction, productivity, engagement, loyalty, and happiness are nurtured.


We want people to feel comfortable to be and express exactly who they are. We welcome different opinions and perspectives.


Making sure everyone has equal opportunities is a must in Musixmatch. We believe strongly in fairness and equality of treatment.


We celebrate diversity and respect each person for their differences.

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