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Verify your profile to publish your official lyrics on Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, Tidal, Google and more.

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Take control of your lyrics
Add, edit and sync your lyrics. You’ll have full control over your lyrics and once verified they will be displayed as your official lyrics.
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Distribute your lyrics across all the major digital streaming services and social networks like Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Amazon Music, Google and many more.
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Outsource lyrics curation to our experts

We will select the best curator available from our pool of experts, based on the language of the song and genre, to ensure the best output possible so that you can focus on what you love most: making music.
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Create Lyric Videos for Socials

A new, powerful tool that makes it easy to create short clips and full videos (coming soon) for your songs with synced lyrics, and share them on social media.

Simply insert your background video or image, choose from our stunning templates, and share: you'll get an amazing video in just a few seconds.


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